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How to Fix A Broken Relationship With Partner

How to Fix  A Broken Relationship  With Partner
Created At 13 Dec, 2023
Category Relationship Issues

Life is beautiful only if we have a good relationship. But in the modern scenario, it has become not only challengeable but even difficult to maintain a good relationship. In the journey of any relationship, a number of patches and harms come in the midway that bring relationship tension. These tensions that developed in the relationship ended up with broken form. We constantly worry about “ how to fix a broken relationship." or "how to rebuild a broken relationship."

But before we move forward to understand ‘ how to fix a broken relationship”. It is very important to find the causes or problems that bring the harsh patches on the relationship. Here are some root causes which used to be the factors of a broken relationship. Having the understanding of these factors will help not to repeat such mistakes again. 

Causes or Problems that Break the Relationship
It is very important to find the root cause of the broken relationship. Be honest to accept , if you have been wrong in the relationship journey. Ask yourself if you have hurt your partner’s feelings. Ask yourself, if you have broken your partner's trust. Self introspection would help you to identify the root cause of a broken relationship. Here are the given the possible factors of broken relationship which are as follow:

  1. Relationships always start with warm heartedly communication but with the passage of time, either partner loses their interest in continuance communication. Did you make a communication gap with your partner?  Have you lost interest in making personal life discussions or have you stopped discussing with your partner your life issue? If yes, then this is the first and foremost reason for a relationship to be broken.
  2. Every relationship has tides & ebbs in its journey. But sometimes some events are very complicated for the partners to remain together. It is because both the partners look out for their own side and overlook the other's tensions. Ask yourself, Did you overlook your partner's personal issues or not? If yes, this is another big reason for a broken relationship as it makes the partner have a feeling of loneliness or being seperated.
  3. Being human, you are bound to make mistakes. But making corrections makes a human a true man. In a relationship, partners do make mistakes but because of high ego or self-concerned behaviour, neither of them is able to forgive their partner nor apologise for the misdeeds in the relationship events. You or your partner must have made some mistakes in your relationship. Did you make an apology? or Did you forgive your partner? If not , why?
  4. Closeness is good but it should not be as close to start making frictions in the relationship. Partners should feel independence, not in bondages, in relationships. It is another big reason when partners begin to lose their interest in being-together. They find more independence while being  away from their partner. Remember, did you curb your partner's independence?

These are potential reasons or factors for a broken relationship. If you’ve realised your issues or reason behind your broken relationship. It will be very easy to fix a broken relationship. Though  there are following tips that will help you to fix your broken relationship at best.

Recommunicate with your partner
Time has come to rebuild your broken relationship. So start communicating with your partner with greetings but remember you need to take very conscious steps while communicating with your partner. Your partner must accept you as a friend first. Make calls in large intervals while growing into small intervals. Wait for the time when your partner begins to start calling him/herself to you. If s/he starts calling you, you have developed a communication relationship.

Drop out all bullshit of the past
Manage your anger and apologies if something went wrong. It is very important to make trust while rebuilding a broken relationship. You might get angry or irritated by any of the events of life. But you shall not pour the anger on your partner. If it happens, the image of a trusted partner may be broken. Control the anger and apologise if sometime you’re not able to control it.

Rebuild the trust that has been broken:
Somehow or somewhere the trust in you has been broken. It is not about infidelity or betrayal. It is all about s/he must consider you the best partner of his/her life. Communication building will help your relationship to regain the trust that has been broken. Make efforts to win your partner's trust.

Be a friend at first, partner later
Don't be in a hurry in rebuilding a broken relationship. It is very important to touch the heart first, not the body. Make efforts to be a friend first. Once you are accepted as a friend, only if you have right to move ahead to be the best friend. You might be wondering,"why?". It is very important in order to establish yourself back to the same position as your partner.

Generate the spark of romance 
If you have made good communication with him/her, and developed trust in you, now is the time to generate the spark of romance. Small surprises and short dates meeting will help to generate the spark. Smaller celebrations and short drives will help to bring back the romance in the relationship. 

Give priority to emotional intimacy over physical intimacy
Emotional connection is most important in making any kind of relationship. Even here when we talk about intimacy, emotional intimacy is more important, then physical intimacy. Develop more emotional connection to your partner. If you get a chance to start cuddling, be very gentle and not excited in doing so. 

Consult with the counsellor
If you are not able to find the way through these steps, you can consult a relationship counsellor who can be the best person in rebuilding or fixing a broken relationship. A relationship counsellor is an experienced and professional person who will help you in knowing the problems or causes that have broken your relationship. His advice and guidance will be highly beneficial for the person like you who is looking forward to fixing a broken relationship. Consult a relationship counsellor to fix your relationship.

Many people might have different experiences with their partners. But the majority of them are emotionally upset for not being able to fix their broken relationship. The above given tips will be highly beneficial if you want to fix up your broken relationship. All the best for your efforts.