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10 Psychological Tips to Deal Bullying at Work

10 Psychological Tips to Deal Bullying at Work
Created At 26 Dec, 2023
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In  modern life, people are struggling with their work-life balance, but in this struggle the office politics and bullies in office have made it difficult to survive life with happiness. People facing bullying in their office environment are facing issues like stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Workplace bullying has become very dangerous not only for their performance but also their mental health. Officially, workplace bullying has been defined as any repeated and unreasonable kind of behaviour that makes a risk to the mental health of the employee and his safety. Workplace bullying can be of different types such as verbal abuse, intimidation, exclusion, humiliation or any kind of unfair criticism or behaviour.

Some Examples of Bullying at Work Are:

If you are employee in organisation or institution, you can find the following kind of bullying affairs:

  • you can find the bullying person spreading rumours about you or gossiping about work or workstyle.
  • You can find the bullying person while making offensive or derogatory comments with respect to you or about your appearance, personality, beliefs or background.
  • You may find yourself excluded from meetings, social events or any other work-related activities.
  • you may find the bullying person demeaning you or insulting you in front of colleagues.
  • He may take credit for your efforts in making any project or ideas.
  • He may making you uncomfortable in completing your task by providing you unrealistic or can be said impossible deadlines, tasks or goals
  • The bullying person also avoids you to take opportunities for your work-or-professional growth.
  • He may try to threaten you or may physically harass you

Effects of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can have big effects on individual life. It can disturb the work-life balance of the individual. It can reduce the work-efficiency and productivity of the individual, which led to frustration in the life of the individual. The individual began to have feelings of inferiority or loneliness. The workplace bully can make greater impact on the mental health of the individual which are as follow:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Eating Disorder
  • Sleeping Disorder
  • Mood Disorder, etc.

Tips for How to Deal with Bullies at Work:

Many people are facing workplace bullying and are not able to cope up with such situations. They usually end up in these situations  by resigning from the office or switching the job.while others are trying to cope with these situations by compromising their mental health. Do not worry. Here, we are talking about some psychological tips that will help you deal with workplace bullying and will make you more successful in your endeavours. These tips to deal with workplace bullying are as follow:

  1. If you are facing workplace bullying or office politics, it is very important to tackle such situations psychologically. Try to ignore such events and behaviour as if nothing has been noticed because you respond to such activities the bullying person will feel responded or rewarded for his misdeeds. But if you ignore his/her bullying activities, it brings the non-awarded response which makes him unsuccessful and unmotivated as well.

  2. If you are not able to ignore such activities, then response these acts positively. Try to smile on their misdeeds. Make them feel ashamed or irritated by giving good gestures. However such gestures bring challenges to them. They might repeat such events with more intensity but your positive response will make their efforts null and void.

  3. If the bullying person tries to mock you at the office workplace, laugh and clap as well. Give him a message about his activities as a foolish one. This behaviour will demotivate him psychologically as he would not like to fool again in the workplace among the colleagues again.

  4. It is advisable not to respond actively to their acts. you might get angry at their misdeeds. But you need to control your energy in a positive direction. Your anger brings a smile on their face as it is treated as an award for their acts. You need to make a different response to their acts. you can smile, ignore or leave the space.

  5. If you truly want to make the changes from the bottom, change the mindset of the bullying person by making good conversations. Start talking to him/her, wish him regularly with a positive sense. if you do so, you can find changes in his/her behaviour in some intervals.

  6. However his/her misdeeds have made you more irritated but psychologically if you feed someone, he respects you. You are advised to share your lunch or meal with him/her or you can ask him to sit together to have a day-meal. This behaviour not only helps in increasing your reputation in the office but also brings changes to the bully's heart.

  7. Such people who enjoy bullying activities are actually very disturbed in their personal life. Rather you fight against such events, you need to find the root cause of his behaviour. Try to talk to him/her personally. Try to know the issues he/she is facing in personal life. If you were able to find those issues, try to resolve them if possible. By doing so, you not only change your workplace environment but also change his life which he has been looking for a long time.

  8. If you find bullying activities in your workplace with any other colleagues, fight against such activities. If you do so, it will give a message to all kinds of bullies in office that they should not do so. It will also give a message to the person who used to bully you that he/she should not proceed ahead in doing so.

  9. Do not support bullying people or entertain bullying activities in the workplace. A Bullied person feels proud if he/she is supported by his/her colleagues. It is your duty not to enjoy such activities in the workplace.

  10. If you are not able to follow the above given tips, you should consult with a professional counsellor who will help you to be psychologically and mentally strong enough to fight against such activities. The counsellor will also give you tips to cope up with the situations smartly and win over such events. 

Workplace bullying may make a person life bitter. Many person are not able to report these issues to the senior manager or official. They began to have work-life imbalances and mental disorder issues. But Thes above mentioned tips will make your personality more stronger and will make you stronger to fight such situation psychologically. If you consider these psychological tips more beneficial, you must share these tips to others as well.